Mai, Anh T.L.

Recognition for academic achievement
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Anh was borned in a family with three other siblings. It's a challenge for the parents to make ends meet, given that her father is over 50 years old and suffers tuberculosis. She and her siblings are at school ages and are not able to help the family economically.

Anh has been an outstanding student in her classes. She has been in honor roll for the 11 consecutive years, and she won the 3rd Prize in the Quang Tri's Provincial Olympiad in Chemistry.

Her dream is to continue to study to become a doctor so she can bring hope and love to those who suffers life threatening diseases.

School: Le Quy Don High School

Location: Đông Hà,Quảng Trị, Viet Nam

Le Quy Don High School is one of a few schools that helps highly capable students to achieve more. The school is located in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Quang Tri is among the poor cities in Vietnam, with GDP per capital of about $1,900 per annum.

Funding status: Funded

Target funding value USD100.00

Funded value USD100.00