Mr. Tran Minh, Hieu

Sporting goods for PE class
Help me design new physical education lesson

Mr. Hieu designing a new physical education lesson by training students to play badminton. Badminton is a great team sport as it is simple to set up, doesn't need a lot of space, and support social distancing during the corona virus pandemic.

Mr. Hieu asks for help to provide his classes:

- 14 badminton racquets
- 70 shuttlecocks

Mr. Hieu teaches Physical Education at Gio Linh Secondary School. He teaches 3 classes with 120 students, of which many of them are in families under the poverty line.

School: Gio Linh Secondary School

Location: Gio Linh,Quảng Trị,, Vietnam

Funding status: Funding

Target funding value USD220.00

Funded value USD80.00