Dinh, Do Pham

Recognition for academic achievement
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Do excels at Physics. He has participated in various Physics contests. He won the 3rd Prize in the Vietnam's National Olympiad in Physics (2019), 1st Prize in the Quang Tri Provincial Olympiad in Physics (2016), 3rd Prize in the Quang Tri Provincial Olympiad in Physics (2019), among others. Furthermore, he has been in honor roll for 11 consecutive years.

Do was born in one of the poorest communes in Quang Tri. His father works in a farm and his mothers works as manual labor in a brick making factory. With three children, his parents have to borrow money to cover the cost of living for the family, including for Do who has to move to the city to attend the school. Do is driven to study and be a successful person to get the family out of poverty.

He dreams to be a Doctorate of Science to help advance basic research in Vietnam.

School: Le Quy Don High School

Location: Đông Hà,Quảng Trị, Viet Nam

Le Quy Don High School is one of a few schools that helps highly capable students to achieve more. The school is located in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Quang Tri is among the poor cities in Vietnam, with GDP per capital of about $1,900 per annum.

Funding status: Funded

Target funding value USD100.00

Funded value USD100.00