Do, Thu Thien

Recognition for academic achievement
Help Tu pay tuition costs

Thu won the 3rd Prizes in the Quang Tri Provincial Olympiad in Physics in 2016 and 2019. She is also on top honor rolls for 11 consecutive years.

Thu and her younger sister were born in an agricultural work family. Although her parents work really hard, the income is barely enough to cover the cost of living and tuition of the children. Thanks to the financial support of the relatives, Thu and her sister can still go to school. Thu is in need of financial support to complete her studies and become a physicist to be able to contribute to the body of science.

School: Le Quy Don High School

Location: Đông Hà,Quảng Trị, Viet Nam

Le Quy Don High School is one of a few schools that helps highly capable students to achieve more. The school is located in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Quang Tri is among the poor cities in Vietnam, with GDP per capital of about $1,900 per annum.

Funding status: Funded

Target funding value USD100.00

Funded value USD100.00