Central Vietnam Flooding:

Need notebooks & school supplies

Fundraising: Oct 14th - 16th, 2020
Receipt to date: $5,390
Status: Phase 1 Completed. See summary
Contributors: see list
Frequently asked questions: see list

The recent severe and widespread flooding in Central Vietnam has cut food supplies to thousands of people and resulted in more than 33,000 houses being submerged in water, according to Reuters. Food crops were destroyed, threatening the livelihoods of the majority of residents in the region. Moreover, many schools were badly damaged and school supplies were washed away during the flooding.

Our organization’s mission is to support education in the poor areas, thus we urge for your help in getting the children basic supplies so they can continue learning .

$2 can help buy the notebooks needed for a child/semester. Every dollar counts! THANK YOU!

Project Implementation Report

Thanks to your contribution, we were able buy notebooks, school supplies and necessary items for them. Your impact is significant, as we were able to provide the right items to the right schools on a timely basis. Instead of giving what we think they need, we asked principals and teachers what items their students needed the most. The schools selected are those serving communities located near rivers who suffered significantly from the flooding in Quang Tri.


1) Trieu Thanh Elementary School (577 students) 3 locations. Pencils, pencil cases, colored pens, erasers, rulers. Value VND36m ($1,577)

2) Cam Hieu Elementary School (506 students). Notebooks, colored pencils. Value VND24m ($1,051)

3) Cam Thanh Elementary and Middle School (496 students). Uniform jackets, notebooks, pencils. Value VND20m ($876)

4) Dakrong High School (853 students). 40 calculators. Value VND 14.2m ($622)

5) Pa Nang Elementary School. Notebooks, pencils. Value VND 11,250K ($493)

6) Dong Giang Elementary School. Notebooks. Value VND 3,150K ($138)

7) Huong Lap Elementary School. Pencils, colored pencils. Value VND 3,675K ($161)

8) 19 children with special circumstances (health insurance or financial support). Value VND 12,275K ($538)


We would like to thank our field lead Hong Thai for her tireless work and contribution in this effort. As a teacher at Hung Vuong Elementary school in Dong Ha, Quang Tri, Hong Thai knew first-hands the challenges that the teachers and students were facing. She helped coordinate with schools in need, procured and delivered donated items to schools, and kept the documentation trail. When the schools were still closed in October, she and a group of teachers provided home-cooked free meals for people in needs in the local community.



Program milestones See milestones

School map https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1B4JeWuPPBJmkAJvwALN3jdKEy0At5Ke6&usp=sharing

More pictures https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtC46DcRpu0xjDmTNfloI7eA6OR2?e=8UDeed

More documentation https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtC46DcRpu0xjDoyXMoe-l4qfUqK?e=luWp8s

Conflict of interest policy: https://www.supportyoungscholars.org/conflict-of-interests/

What do we do with your contribution?

100% of your contribution will be used to buy notebooks, textbooks, school supplies, and other items that children need.

  • We source notebooks, textbooks, and school supplies from local reputable suppliers. We will prioritize on notebooks as this is the most needed item for learning.
  • Our volunteers in Vietnam will hand over the supplies to teachers at the impacted schools.
  • We will send you donation receipt and a report of items purchased and the names of schools that receive your donation.

Donor Honor Roll

Your generosity made the program possible. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. Please note the list is updated daily and there may be delays.

Platinum Donor: Anh Do (anh*@gmail.com)

Platinum Donor: Nghia Tran (tcn*@gmail.com)

Ronald Alvarenga (rma*@hotmail.com)
Cory Bettinger (Cor*@hotmail.com)
Hendrik Buesche (hen*@gmail.com)
Hendrik Buesche (hen*@gmail.com)
Hendrik Buesche (hen*@gmail.com)
Hung M Bui (hun*@yahoo.co.uk)
Molly Codding (mol*@mac.com)
Quang-Huy Dinh (hu*@gmail.com)
Uyen Do (uye*@gmail.com)
Khuyen Doan (khu*@gmail.com)
Thanh Doan (tcd*@gmail.com)
Tu Duong (mai*@me.com)
Minh Duong (s-m*@lwsd.org)
An Quoc Duong (kev*@gmail.com)
Linh Duong (du*@gmail.com)
Quynh Duong (dpq*@yahoo.com)
Anna Romano Gopinath (sha*@gmail.com)
David & Monica Gutierrez
Jack Harris (sky*@airpost.net)
Hong Ho (ho.*@gmail.com)
Trang Hoang (xot*@yahoo.com)
Toan Huynh (ruh*@gmail.com)
Anh Le (tee*@gmail.com)
Huong Le (thu*@yahoo.com)
Ryan Lee (rya*@gmail.com)
Nguyen Luyen (ng*@gmail.com)
Rhea Mohammed (rhe*@yahoo.com)
Hang Nguyen (han*@gmail.com)
Ly Nguyen (li*@gmail.com)
Ngoc Nguyen (ngo*@yahoo.com)
Thai Nguyen (nvt*@yahoo.com)
Phuong Nguyen (phu*@gmail.com)
Ngoc Chan Nguyen (ngo*@gmail.com)
Ha Nguyen (ngu*@gmail.com)
Hang Nguyen (han*@gmail.com)
Giang Nguyen (ngh*@yahoo.com)
Hang Nguyen (tho*@yahoo.com)
Phong Pham (aco*@gmail.com)
Huong Phan (huo*@yahoo.com)
Tu Phan (tup*@gmail.com)
Trang Phan (ptk*@gmail.com)
Huong Phan (h_f*@yahoo.com)
Rebecca Seifert (buz*@gmail.com)
Fabian Sittaro (fa*@yahoo.de)
Sandy Than (th*@gmail.com)
Kim Ton (tkd*@yahoo.com)
Nghia Tran (tcn*@gmail.com)
Nga Tran (nga*@gmail.com)
Huong Tran (thu*@yahoo.com)
Claudine Vaneesbeck
Alpana Varma (alp*@yahoo.com)
Ha Vu (ha.*@hotmail.com)
Nguyen Vu (cco*@gmail.com)
Vietnam Finance Society (te*@vfsociety.org)
Thu Vu
Van Vu (ali*@yahoo.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

Dec 24th, 2020: Thank you so much, friends, for sending additional donations through Benevity (benevity.org)! We will kick off another program to fund children and teachers in need in H1 2021 !

Dec 10th, 2020: We have made the last disbursements for this campagain by paying for health insurance and financial support for 18 kids at 5 primary schools in Quang Tri.

Sharing some love with children in needs

Health Insurance for Children
Health Insurance for Children
Health Insurance for Children

Dec 7th, 2020: So happy to receive the photos from Ms Ngan - the Principal at Cam Thanh Elementary showing kids with new jackets that you bought for them :x

New jackets you bought for the kids
New jackets you bought for the kids

Nov 14th, 2020: One month after the fund raising campaign started, we have substantially completed the program! We have delivered to two additional schools (Cam Thanh Elementary & Middle School and Dakrong High School). We also have delivered to Ba Nang Elementary School. The planned Ethnic School of Ba Nang has been covered by another program of ours. The modest remaining funding will be sent to kids with special circumstances that need help. We have stopped receiving donations and we are preparing close this program. THANK YOU!

Delivery in Cam Thanh Elementary & Middle
Delivery at Cam Thanh Elementary & Middle School
Delivery at Dakrong High School
Delivery at Dakrong High School - the Principal asked for calculators for students. We recognized Nghia Tran for the significant $1,000 contribution to the program.
Gift to temple girl
Sending a small gift to a 3rd grader at Cam Lo Elementary School who lost her mother and has to live in a Buddhist Temple. Her younger sister is there, too.

Oct 31, 2020: We have delivered to two additional schools (Cam Hieu Elementary & Middle School - 506 students and Trieu Thanh Elementary - 577 students). We also have supplies for Ba Nang Elementary School pending delivery due to road condition. More deliveries will be coming up. We have received additional donations for the program - thank you!

Delivery in Trieu Thanh Elementary
Delivery at Trieu Thanh Elementary, teachers were cleaning classrooms
Delivery at Cam Hieu Primiary and Middle School
Delivery at Cam Hieu Elementary and Middle School on a Monday flag raising ceremony. We recognized Anh Do for the significant $1,000 contribution to the program.
Supplies ready for Ba Nang
Supplies is ready at Ms. Phuong in Khe Sanh, a volunteer, delivery postponed for Ba Nang Elementary due to road conditions.

Oct 25th, 2020: School list narrowed down to six as below. We have worked with four schools to decide on supply lists. Next steps: decide on supply lists for the remaining two schools and manage logistics. Many other schools called for help, we will help them if we have funds left. We have received additional donations for the program - thank you!

School map

Oct 22th, 2020: Storm Saudel headed toward central Vietnam. Schools advised field team to pause activities due to possible flooding.

Oct 18th, 2020: More severe flooding. First responders are active. Field team shifted focus to more immediate needs: food (funding was not from our organization).

Oct 16th, 2020: Fundraising completed.

Oct 13tth, 2020: Estimate work and effort. Fundraising started.

Oct 11th, 2020: First donation delivered, more schools called for help.

First donation

Oct 10th, 2020: First heavy flooding, Dong Thanh Elementary school in the impacted zone called for help to provide notebooks to the children.

Our organization focuses on digital delivery, the logistics of physical items is new to us. We also recognize that natural disaster response is dangerous, complex, and resource intensive. However, the continuous calls for help made us decide to go for imperfect action instead of perfect inaction. Luckily, we have amazing philanthropists like you, and we have trusted local volunteers who can help us make concrete, real impact.

As much as we want to do more, we want to do it right: (i) your contributions need to be impactful to your targeted recipients, (ii) there must be full transparency on how your contributions are used, and (iii) we can deliver our promises with field knowledge combined with best governance practices.

There are other reputable organizations & individual accept donations for immediate needs (e.g water, foods) that I can recommend:

Nguyễn Thị Lan Phương (facebook.com/lan.phuong.77582)
Lan Phuong is a field staff for Dutch's mcnv.org and her team has been providing water and food to the impacted households in the area.
Account name: Nguyen Thi Lan Phuong
Account No (VND): 0161000665833 at Vietcombank HCMC
Transaction Reference: Donation for Central Vietnam Flooding

Tuoi Tre Newspaper (tuoitre.vn)
Account name: Bao Tuoi Tre
Account USD: 007.137.0195.845 at Vietcombank HCMC
Account EUR: 007.114.0373.054 at Vietcombank HCMC
Account VND: 113000006100 at Incombank Branch #3 HCMC
Swift code: BFTVVNVX007
Transaction Reference: Donation for Central Vietnam Flooding

Vietnam Red Cross (redcross.org.vn)
Account number: 124 02 02 005 348 (VNĐ)
124 02 02 018198 (USD)
124 02 02 006862 (EUR)
Bene bank: Vietnam bank for Agriculture and Rural development
Hoang Mai branch - 127 Lo Duc - Hai Ba Trung district - Hanoi city
Swift code: VBAAVNVX418

Please email us at office at supportyoungscholars.org.