Ms. Lê Thị Thanh, Thảo

Interactive teaching
Help me purchase teaching supplies

The Literature department is looking for creative ways to teach literature so that students can absorb the lesson better. It plan to have more interactive classes. Ms. Thao asks for help to provide her teaching team with :

- 10 personal writing boards for students
- 48 color markers
- 1 laser pointer

Ms. Thao teaches Literature at Dakrong Highschool in the mountainous area in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Her students are mainly from Bru Van Kieu minority ethnic group and most of them are in poor households.

School: Đakrông Highschool

Location: Đakrông,Quảng Trị, Vietnam

Funding status: Funding

Target funding value USD100.00

Funded value USD100.00

Contributed by:

  • Michael Nguyen
  • Michael Nguyen