Prizes for outstanding students

Help fund educational award for Tan Xuan 2 students

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The context

Tan Xuan 2 Education Board provides educational support for school children within its community. Every year around beginning of the year, the board set up a committee to provide awards to outstanding students. These awards are funded through the board fundraising effort. Mr. Phuong was asking for VND30m for programs in 2023 to 2025.


Mr. Le, Xuan Phuong

Receiving Organization

Name: Tan Xuan 2 Educational Board

Location: Cam Lo,Quang Tri, Vietnam

Tan Xuan 2 Educational Board (Vietnamese: Ban Khuyen Hoc) is a social organization. Its objective is to promote education at grassroot level to encourage kids in their community to finish schools.

Funding and donors

Funding status: Funding

Target funding value USD1,280.00

Funded value USD1,280.00

Funding by SYS generic campaigns